Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers will be required to teach conversational English language classes for between three to six hours per day (depending on location), with the weekends off. Volunteers are required to create their own lesson plans, tailored to their skills and interests, and the needs and interests of the classroom. Beyond that, volunteers are free to spend their time as they wish, though we strongly encourage spending quality time with host families and host communities. Host families receive no money for hosting, so, in essence, volunteers are their personal guests and should act as such.



There is little in-country oversight, and villages are often isolated with limited outside communication


Teaching and living abroad always provides unexpected challenges.


Living conditions may often be considered uncomfortable by US and UK standards.


Being an LE volunteer is hard work!




Other requirements: 

  • At least 18 years old
  • A native (or equivalent level) English speaker
  • Competent to the required level in the host community's language, if applicable
  • Teaching experience is helpful, but NOT required
  • Regional or travel experience is helpful, but NOT required