Applications for LE Crete summer 2018 will reopen next fall!



Orientation: July 12-15

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Midpoint: July 29-30

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Closing: August 12-13

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Quick facts:

Volunteers: 5

Language Requirements: None

Program Director: Anna-Bella Sicilia

Country Coordinator: Niki Niolaki

Ideal volunteer:

Hardworking and passionate about teaching-though you will certainly have opportunities to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Crete, LE is all about giving your students a meaningful, effective education. Expect to develop thorough lesson plans and spend a lot of time outside of class preparing/adjusting your curriculum.

Flexible-As with any international travel experience, Crete volunteers must be ready to adjust to any changes in schedule or unexpected situations.

Open-minded and interested in learning about different cultures– village life in Crete will probably be unlike anything you have experienced before, even if you have traveled to Athens or other tourist destinations before. Applicants should appreciate unique lifestyles and not shy away from trying new things (and new foods).

Dependable– constant communication with your PD is absolutely crucial.

Comfortable with hot weather– you won’t make it through July/August in Greece without a little bit of sweat!

our communities:

  • Nippos: This small, central village is LE Crete’s home base, the location of Orientation, Midpoint Break, and Closing Session.
  • Vryses: Neighboring Nippos, this village is slightly touristy and has its fair share of shops and restaurants.  LE classes are taught in a community center to a group of very spirited and active young students.
  • Embroneros and Vatouthiaris:  Both located up in the nearby mountains, these two villages are the most remote and traditional, and are home to many eager English learners.  Classes are taught in the Embrosneros School and the newly-renovated one room schoolhouse in Vatoutharis.
  • Neo Chorio: Also on the smaller side, Neo Chorio has LE classes in the village’s beautiful school building.
  • Kalyves:  Classes are also taught in the school building of Kalyves, which is right down the road from Neo Chorio.  It is right on the water, so volunteers here will also get to enjoy this touristy beach town.
  • Potential new teaching villages, including Asigonia, Fres, Georgioupolis, and Almiritha

LE is stationed in villages with running water, plumbing, electricity, etc. Internet may not be available in the host house, but will be in local cafes and businesses.


Because international flights do not go directly to the small Chania airport, volunteers will need to make a stop in Athens on their way to Crete, where we will convene for Orientation. In the village of Nippos, a central point between the four villages where teaching will take place, we will spend four days training and preparing for the exciting experience to come. During this time, we will discuss cultural norms and curriculum options, as well as learning some helpful Greek phrases and teaching techniques. This will be a great time to get to know your Program Director, Country Coordinator, and fellow volunteers.  There will also be outings to beautiful Lake Kournas, local beaches, the incredible 16km Samaria Gorge, or other local sites.

After getting settled in with their host families, volunteers will begin teaching on July 16th. Volunteers will teach for four weeks total, but after the first two will convene once again in Nippos for our Midpoint Break.  During these few days we will reflect on the successes and struggles of teaching and exchange ideas, as well as taking another cultural or scenic outing. Following the next two weeks of teaching, we will meet up one final time for a brief Program Reflection.


Teaching will take place at local schools and community centers.  Greek schools are not in session, but many children attend the classes as a fun, educational summer program.  Most students are young children, but we also teach some adolescent and even adult classes.  Be ready to adjust your curriculum based on the needs of your students and to play lots of active games!

Why le crete?

LE is stationed in an area where English teachers are not readily available - we provide an important service. Volunteers have the opportunity to experience village life in Greece authentically. Our Greek host families are incredibly hospitable, and the natural beauty and delicious food makes LE Crete a once-in-a-lifetime summer.

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